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Thermal imaging is used extensively in engineering and scientific research centers around the world. Key to the use of infrared cameras is often application-specific software that permits the detailed analysis of both two-dimensional images as well as arrays of image sequences. Thermal imaging provides insight into critical information about an object’s thermal and spectral characteristics. Thermal imaging has become an extremely valuable technology in many industries not only as an R&D instrument but also for test applications. Infrared cameras for these applications must be quite versatile, having wide object temperature range capabilities, as well as offer a variety of lenses and software.
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Snake™ - InGaAs Module

Snake InGaAs Module

The Snake Module is a very low power and ultra compact SWIR VGA module. This "plug and play" solution is based of Sofradir new generation Snake InGaAs FPA assembly. The Snake Module provides simplified interfaces for an easy and quick integration in your SWiR system, by managing all features of the proxy board and providing data processing capabilities. The Snake Module is well adapted to a large range of applications such as surveillance, airborne gimbals and various scientific and machine vision applications.
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InGaAs Detectors
Cooled Detectors
High performance InGaAs infrared imaging detectors available for SW infrared imaging. Their high-sensitivity and high-resolution FPA assemblies are designed for demanding low flux, high resolution imaging applications in the wavelength range 0.9µm to 1.7µm. Sofradir InGaAs technology exhibits outstanding performance in terms of dark current, uniformity and operability. These detectors are well adapted to a large range of applications such as night vision, surveillance, airborne gimbals and various industrial and scientific applications.
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ATOM 80 Uncooled Microbolometer Core *Limited Availability
Atom 80
Ideal for OEMs that seek to create new sensing systems that take advantage of low cost infrared detection capabilities. The ATOM 80 thermal imaging core detects the heat emitted by humans or warm objects. For advanced thermal detection applications such as: building automation and energy management (HVAC and lighting), access control and security, advanced presence detection (e.g. people counting), transportation, thermography.
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Uncooled Infrared Camera - PV640LW

Incorporating an advanced 640x480 microbolometer detector array, the PV640LW Uncooled Infrared Camera delivers high resolution infrared images in the long-wave (8-14µm) spectral range. Because they accept a variety of infrared objective lenses and with either Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link digital video output models, the cameras are ideal for a wide variety of applications. In addition, the PV640’s short thermal time constant produces superior thermal image quality even while imaging fast moving objects.


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ATOM™ 1024 - Uncooled Infrared Camera

ATOM 1024

The ATOM™ 1024 incorporates a ULIS advanced all silicon 1024x768 microbolometer detector array and state-of-the-art 17 micron pixel pitch technology to deliver extremely high resolution in an XGA format. Because of the camera's small compact size and low power consumption, the ATOM 1024 is easy to integrate, and ideally suited for a wide range of military and COTS themal imaging systems. The ATOM 1024's short thermal time constant produces superior thermal image quality, even while imaging fast moving objects, making the system an ideal choice for handheld, ground vehicle and airborne EOIR platforms and advanced fusion-based night vision systems.

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IRE Cooled IR Imaging Cameras: SW, MW, LW and VLW IR

IR Camera Cooled Engines


These high performance infrared imaging cameras are based on cryogenically cooled MCT infrared detectors. A variety of models are available having different ranges of spectral sensitivity and different array formats. The cameras harness the full performance of the Sofradir IDDCAs while offering unique flexibility such as variable frame rate and integration time, sub-windowing at higher frame rates, radiometric calibration and IRIG time stamp capability. The 14-bit digital data can be streamed via LVDS or through optional Camera Link and/or Gigabit Ethernet. A variety of infrared lenses are available as well as software developer toolkits (SDKs) and command software modules.

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